Family Road Trips
in North America
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Family Road Trips in North America

Road TripsThere are millions of miles of roads across North America just waiting for you to discover in your independent car rental. From Florida, to California, Cape Cod, and along the St. Lawrence River, North America is filled with family friendly destinations.


Here are a few of the best family road trip destinations for your car rental adventure:


From Disney World to Alligator Alley: When people think of family friendly road trips, their minds often drift to the "happiest place on Earth." For years, families from across North America have been flocking to Orlando, Florida, not only to visit Disneyworld, but also to visit the surrounding attractions, and affordable accommodations as a starting point to explore the rest of Florida. Travelling South in your car rental, you and your family will have the chance to experience world class beaches, attractions such as Busch Gardens, unique cities including Fort Myers and Miami, and if you dare, the natural wildlife and famous Alligator Alley through the Everglades.


From Cape Cod to Boston: Life isn't all about the flash and dash. If you want to slow down your car rental vacation, America's East Coast offers beautiful scenery, mouth watering cuisine, and a slower pace of life. Cape Cod is famous for food, sand dunes, golf, and whale watching. As you drive through the tiny oceanside towns in your independent car rental, take time to enjoy the landscape and the tastes of a locally caught meal. If you are craving the city life, Boston is only a short drive away where you can experience historic Massachusetts including the Freedom Trail, Beacon Hill, and Boston Common.


From Montreal to Old Quebec City: Leading from Montreal to the Atlantic Ocean is one of North America's most scenic river ways and culturally rich regions. In many parts of historic downtown Montreal, and north into Quebec City, you can immerse your family in traditional French culture. Founded in the 1600's, Montreal is one of the world's largest French speaking cities. It features breathtaking architecture, a shoppers dream in the "Underground City," and a gateway to the St. Lawrence River and the province of Quebec. Be sure to cruise along le Chemin du Roy which follows the St. Lawrence River before you head North to Quebec City. The trip along the St. Lawrence is beautiful, and when you finally reach Quebec City, you'll feel like you've spanned the Atlantic and landed in a quiet city in the heart of France.


From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon: What says road trip more than a mix between flashing city lights and massive natural landscapes? Starting in Las Vegas, you'll have the opportunity to drive the strip in your car rental vehicle, take in a show, and dine at a variety of restaurants, before heading out across the desert. Along the road, you might choose to camp with your family, and don't forget to stop and see one of America's favourite destinations, the Hoover Dam. For the grand finale, spend a few days at the Grand Canyon. Considered by some as one of the Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon offers a great place to get out of your car rental for the day and enjoy a walking tour, river rafting, horseback riding, or to simply have a picnic or snap some photos.


From San Francisco to San Diego: In only a few days you can cruise down the shores of the Pacific Ocean through San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, taking in beautiful sandy beaches and memorable attractions such as the Hollywood Sign, Alcatraz, and Disneyland along the way. Take the famous Route 1 along the Pacific Coast, roll down the windows of your car rental vehicle, and enjoy the California sun. Each city, from San Francisco, to Los Angeles, and San Diego offers unique sites including the Walk of Fame, Golden Gate Bridge, and San Diego Zoo.


These are only a sampling of the amazing highways and destinations available when you select an independent car rental in North America. From Montreal, to Florida, Hollywood, and the Grand Canyon, there are plenty of family friendly road trip destinations for you to discover.


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