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April 12th, 2016

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIAExpress iTech, America’s premier booking software for independent car rental agencies, is thrilled to announce the release of the REVOLUTION Management System. The REVOLUTION Rental Management System or “RMS,” is designed to simplify the reservation process while offering the sophistication and functionality typically available only to larger rental companies. The REVOLUTION Management System provides ease of use for both independent agencies on the management side, and for customers in the user interface.

Launching at the Las Vegas Car Rental Show April 18-19, this RMS dovetails with the REVOLUTION Reservation System allowing the car rental agency to control the rental reservation from inception to rental to contract close. Express Internet Technologies’ REVOLUTION System is the ONLY combined reservation and rental system. Each system stands on its own, and together, are more powerful than any other currently available system available on the market today. Agencies have the option of purchasing products individually, or bundled together.

 The REVOLUTION Rental Management System automatically imports reservations made online by the vehicle renter through the agency’s website. The Reservation Manager is the browser-based interface that agencies use to set up their car rental rates and policy information. Through a simple automatic process, locations are defined, vehicle types are chosen and rates are set. Options and extras are also defined and the pricing is set.

 The Rental Management System features include: 

      Direct interaction with Express ITech’s online reservation software - Everything in the reservation system feeds automatically into the Revolution RMS or Rental Management System.

      Vehicle unit setup done via the Vehicle Unit Editor

      The RMS keeps track of all costs associated with each vehicle as well as its actual rental revenue, permitting calculation of return on investment (ROI) for each car, each type of car and fleet at one location and then the entire fleet across all locations. This makes tracking agency rental revenue easy because the financial performance of every car in the fleet is visible.

      Contracts can be opened at the counter if a customer walks in; or if they have rented online via the Revolution Reservation System, contracts are updated and closed upon the vehicle drop-off. When a renter returns a vehicle unit for drop-off, it is easy to search for the existing contract-by-contract number, renter’s name, or vehicle unit license number.

      Reservations are made as long as there are cars available in a rate group; Cars in maintenance are removed from the rental pool.

      Browser pages can be seen on office computers, tablets and smartphones.


For each vehicle type, the Revolution tracks the number of units that are: 

      Booked over the reservation time period

      Available on the lot for rental each day

      Not available due to damage or routine maintenance

      Out at a different Location after a one-way rental


The new system will offer two types of availability reports, the Past Rental History and Future Availability. The vehicle reports will include information such as vehicle odometer reports, license and insurance renewal dates, return on investment (ROI) and maintenance history.

 There are a few unique features of the Revolution Rental Management System that will be especially useful to Car Rental Express’s agency partners:

      Affordability. At only $200 per month and $1.25 per reservation, the RMS license fee is highly competitive and feasible for independent agencies. These are some of the lowest IT costs for any business management system.

      There are no set up fees or locked in contracts, and pricing is pay-as-you-go.

      Superior support. The support and development team assists with set up at no additional cost.

 In addition to being below market in terms of cost, the RMS addresses and solves other common issues that plague independent agencies. The RMS experience provides a much more professional approach to communicating with clients, and alleviates the need for manual contracts and scheduling and reporting, which allow room for human error, thus, saving agencies time, money and the headaches commonly associated with small business software.

A major point of differentiation from other software companies is Express iTech’s online booking engine, is the only car rental-booking engine dedicated to independent agencies, local operators and mid-tier franchises with local owners. Their one-of-a-kind approach to car rentals allow customers to choose an agency with confidence and saves them up to 30% on car rental costs. 


 About Express iTech

Founded in 1999, Express Internet Technologies Inc. ( and its subsidiary site are the premier car rental booking engine and reservation software providers for independent car rental agencies. Its principal product, the REVOLUTION Reservation System, began as a sales and marketing solution for independent agencies that addressed the challenge of competing with larger rental corporations. Today, Express iTech services more than 600 independently owned agencies worldwide.

Express iTech has created one of the largest and most comprehensive networks of independent car rental agencies, solidifying its position as a leader in the car rental software industry. At the helm of Express iTech’s vision and direction is Founder Stanley Levy, a former agency owner. Levy is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, spearheading agency initiatives and product innovation.