EIT Launches the
Cross Agency Traffic
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EIT Launches the Cross Agency Traffic Program!

Drum roll please (I am so excited)... Express ITech is  proud to launch the Cross Agency Traffic  Program.  And why am I so excited you might ask?  The answer is simple - because this is, hands down, one of our best innovations yet!  Sure, I work here and may be slightly biased but since I also work in the Sales Department, I am pretty acquainted with what this program has to offer.  And it offers a lot.

Agencies that already use the Revolution Reservation System at the websites are all eligible to partake.  When they sign up, our super-fly support team adds a nice little box at the bottom of their reservation center which offers renters the option to click on a button to see with which other CRX agencies they are affiliated.  So here's an example, say your agency is "Super Duper Awesome Rentals" in NYC and  you want to allow your renters to rent in places where you physically don't have locations such as LA, Miami, Toronto or Timbuktu.  No need to fret - you can now do this (well, maybe not to Timbuktu but you catch my drift).  And the best part, you EARN COMMISSIONS, without even renting out a vehicle.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it's not so hurry up and sign up.

Another bonus to the program - source agencies will be able to forward rentals to your agency. 

It's truly a win-win situation.  And the best part of it all?  It was developed in-house at Express ITech which means we won't be relying on any partners to complete their end of development and related tasks.  Make sure to sign up today!