Do’s and Don’ts
of Christmas Car
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Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Car Rentals

Christmas Car RentalsYour stockings are hung (by the chimney with care), the halls are decked, and the tree is decorated. Your gifts are wrapped, holiday cards are in the post, and you’ve even done some Christmas baking. You are officially ready for the holidays. Except for one very important detail.

You haven’t booked your holiday car rental yet!

The busy Christmas travel season comes close to matching the summer peak vacation period in terms of demand for quality car rentals. Unfortunately, many holiday travelers forget to book their vehicle in advance, a mistake that often leaves them high and dry when the holidays roll around. When it comes to preparing for the Christmas break, take a page from our book here at Car Rental Express, and make sure you follow these important Christmas car rental preparations

1) Compare Rates

Early December is a great time to shop around for competitive rates on Christmas car rentals. Why? Because now is the time when car rental companies offer big discounts in order to encourage advanced bookings. Advanced bookings make it easier for car rental companies to monitor demand – lots of advanced demand means companies can justify expanding their fleet in order to handle customer requests. Many car rental companies will offer big incentives for early bookings, including discounted rates, complimentary extras, or even free days. Taking the time to compare rates using the Car Rental Express comparison search tool might seem like a hassle, but with a little luck and foresight, you can score a great deal.

2) Ask About Extras

Prefer to travel in a GPS equipped rental? Ask a rental rep for availability. Require a car seat for your son or daughter? Call ahead to make sure that it’s added to your reservation. Things get hectic behind the counter of a car rental agency during the holidays. Make sure you check, and double check with your rental provider concerning any rental add-ons. Failure to do so could cause your special request to go unnoticed.

3) Be Patient

Patience is a virtue during the holidays, especially if you’ve forgotten to reserve your Christmas car rental in advance. Turning up at the rental desk without a reservation is extremely risky, especially if you require a specific class of rental vehicle, like an extended van or hybrid, for example. If you’re forced to rent on arrival, remember to be patient and flexible – now is definitely not the time to be picky! If you have booked in advance, remember to print out any rental confirmation emails that you may have received. This will make it easier for the rental desk agent to serve you.

The One Big Christmas Car Rental “Don’t”

Don’t, under any circumstance, wait to reserve your Christmas car rental. Now is the time! Demand is almost always greater than supply during the busy Christmas travel season; the longer you wait, the harder it will be to find a rental. Don’t get left out in the cold this Christmas. Book in advance to guarantee you rental.

Booking in advance is a great way to avoid disappointment and cement your travel plans. Pre-booking also enables you to lock in a competitive rental rate. Remember: as demand decreases, the price of your car rental will likely increase – a lot! Avoid unnecessary expenses by reserving your Christmas rental now using the Car Rental Express reservation system.

Don’t let poor planning put a damper on your holiday spirit. Reserve your Christmas car rental today in order to guarantee a vehicle during the busy December rush.

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