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A Closer Look at Rental Car Coupons and Discounts

Car Rental CouponsCoupons are a great way to save money at the grocery store. Simply clip them out of the newspaper and redeem them at the checkout. But did you know, many independent car rental companies also issue and accept discount coupons? Car rental coupons can help you save a ton on your next car rental, but only if you know where to look and how to redeem the offers properly.

Where to Find Car Rental Coupons
Most car rental discount coupons are just a few clicks away. Most big rental companies include printable coupons right on their website. Independent websites also collect and provide promotion codes for a variety of different companies. Before reserving your rental, check out the Car Rental Express Discounts area for recent promotional offers. All you have to do is select your desired destination to pull up exceptional online promotions.

When reserving online, simply quote the promotion code on the coupon during the checkout process to receive the discount. Or, print out a copy and bring it with you to the rental counter. 

Coupons can also be found offline. If you’re in need of a local rental, check the phonebook. Local companies will often include a promotional code in the yellow pages. If you’re a member of a certain travel organization, like AAA or AARP, don’t forget to check your mailbox. These companies often send out exclusive rental promotions to their members. Finally, ask your boss if your company is connected to a car rental customer loyalty program. He or she may have some spare promotional offers available for employees.

Car Rental Coupon Small Print
As with most coupons, car rental promotional codes often boast a fair bit of small print. While every offer features it’s own unique set of terms and conditions, the following are a few common restrictions to remember:

1)    Unless stated otherwise, rental car coupons and promotions give you a discount off the rental rate, not the total price. Taxes and fees are often tacked on after the discount has been applied.
2)    Some coupons are not valid during “peak” rental periods – holidays, weekends, or summer months. Always remember to check for conditions prior to making your booking.
3)    Unless stated otherwise, most car rental promotions are only valid on cars. If you need to rent a van or SUV, you might be out of luck. Check each promotional coupon carefully – most will list all of the vehicle sizes that the discount can be applied to.
4)    Some coupons can only be used on online rentals; others are only applicable to rental counter reservations. Make sure to follow the instructions precisely in order to qualify for the offer.
5)    “Long-term” car rental offers are common. Unfortunately, your idea of a long-term rental might not be the same as the restrictions attached to the promotion. Most long-term rental deals are only valid if you rent the vehicle for a 30-day period. Review the terms and conditions of your offer closely for full details.
6)    Luckily, most car rental companies offer coupons for under-age car rental customers. Under-25 car rental customers typically experience the highest rental rates, so any discount is a welcome relief!

Why search for coupons when you can discover the lowest rates online using the Car Rental Express rate comparison tool? Begin your search today.

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