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Car Rental Ratings You Can Trust

Renter RatedWho do you turn to for advice? Your friends, family, industry experts? When you're on the hunt for important information, chances are you turned to a trusted source, someone who has experience with the subject at hand. You want a straight, unbiased answer. So, why then, when seeking input on car rentals, are you still searching chain rental websites for user reviews? If you're looking for honest, upstanding advice, you want to hear it straight from the source. You want to read it on the Car Rental Express Renter Rated system!

Renter Rated – We've Got Your Answer
Say you're searching for an affordable rental car in Los Angeles. You've never been to the area before, so you don't have a clue who to trust or where to turn. That's where Renter Rated comes in handy. Simply surf over to the Car Rentals Express website and search for independent car rental agencies in your target area. Our user-friendly system will pull up a listing of all of our member agencies, along with a "Best Rate" quote.

Now for the fun part!
Simply click on the name of one of the agencies that catches your fancy. This will pull open a complete profile listing for the company. Each independent car rental agency profile includes a ton of information on everything from policies and insurance to current discounts and vehicle availability. And let's not forget the renter reviews. Car Rental Express is the only independent car rental comparison agency the utilizes the Renter Rated system in order to provide clients with real reviews from real renters. And we don't weed out the low ratings either. We make sure to publish both the good and the bad reviews so that you can make an educated decision based on the facts.

Feel Confident in Your Car Rental Decision
The Renter Rated system at Car Rental Express provides online renters with the information they need to make the right rental decision. These rankings take a wide range of criteria into consideration including staff knowledge, vehicle availability, policy fairness, and promptness of service. Each company is also provided an overall ranking which is displayed prominently alongside the agency's name throughout the Car Rental Express website.

Comparison Shop With Ease
The Car Rental Renter Rated system is the easiest way to search, compare, review, and reserve your next online car rental. Whether you're headed to the Windy City or the Big Apple, you can trust the information published to our Renter Rated reviews. Why settle for a simple price comparison when you could review information pertaining to customer service, rental value, vehicle availability, staff courteousness, and more?

Help Us Help Others
We want to hear what you have to say about your independent car rental experience. If you've recently rented a vehicle through the Car Rental Express system, remember to fill out your Renter Rated survey. Your responses are what makes the Renter Rated system a priceless online booking aid.

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