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Car Rental Gone Bad - Make Sure to Check Vehicle's Registration!

ImageEveryone wants to find the best Car Rental Deals with reputable and reliable Car Rental Companies.  The more bang for your buck the better - that's no secret.  But make sure to do your research and book with agencies that have a strong Star Rating at Car Rental Express.


I read a story in The Chicago Tribune about a poor woman who merely wanted to take a nice, relaxing vacation.  And really, is that so much to ask?  She rented a car with Budget at the Philadelphia airport  and was on her merry way through New Jersey, headed to a beach.  Before she new it she was stopped by the police for traveling in a vehicle whose registration had expired.  She was issued a fine and if she decided not to pay and plead not guilty was required to go to court... seriously?  Yup - seriously! 


Eventually, after much trial and tribulation, the ticket was removed from the renter's name and placed in Budget's.  But arriving to this outcome was not an easy process.  She had to send numerous letters and emails which took up much of her precious time - time she wanted to spend vacationing.


We all expect agencies to keep their vehicles properly registered.  Until reading this woman's story the thought never occurred to me to check the car's registration before driving off of the lot.  Lesson learned - and make sure you do your due diligence too!

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