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Benefits of Renting a Van at Christmas

Christmas Van RentalYou’ve got gifts to buy and cookies to bake, cards to mail and stockings to stuff – and that’s just the beginning! If your Christmas to-do list is longer than your arm, now’s the time to consider renting a van in order to help manage the hectic holiday season. A van rental will not only help with transporting people and gifts, but it can also help you streamline your shopping, make traffic less terrifying, and even diffuse festive family fights. With so many great benefits on hand, it’s a wonder Santa himself doesn’t reserve an extended van every December 24th! 


Calm Christmas Chaos with a Van Rental

There are a number of reasons why van rentals are a great choice for families during the holidays. Here are five of the most important:


1) Easy Parking Lot Navigation

The last thing you want to be driving when caught in a chaotic mall parking lot is a compact car. Not only will bigger vehicles bully you out of the way, but you’ll also find your visibility is absolutely atrocious. Van rentals offer exceptional sightlines from the driver’s seat, making it easy to scan the parking lot for potential spaces and absent minded pedestrians. The heightened vantage point of your seat will also make it easier to back in and out of parking spaces, saving you tons of time and frustration!


2) Spacious Interiors Keep Quarreling Siblings Separated

Whether it’s too much sugar or too little sleep, siblings tend to bicker a lot during the holidays. Oddly enough, these fights often occur in the back of a cramped family vehicle. If you find yourself fending off comments like “She’s touching me,” or “He keeps kicking my chair” now is the perfect time to switch to a more spacious van rental. Separating siblings in your Christmas van rental will not only avoid unnecessary arguments, but it could very well save your sanity.


3) Tons of Space for Friends and Family

The holidays are meant to be spent with as many loved ones as possible. The more the merrier, so don’t let a compact car cramp your style. A spacious van or extended van rental will make it easy to accommodate all of your holiday guests – and even a few unexpected arrivals! With space for up to 15 passengers, extended van rentals are a great choice for large family gatherings.


4) Plenty of Cargo Space

Stores are becoming busier and busier now that Christmas is just over two weeks away. With long lines and short tempers, it’s no surprise that many shoppers want to limit the number of times they need to brave the crowds. Unfortunately, the limited trunk space of many compact cars makes it next to impossible to complete your holiday shopping all in one sweep. A spacious van rental provides plenty of additional cargo space, making it easy to transport gifts all over town. Planning to purchase an extra large item for someone on your list? Then don’t forget to ask the rental attendant to show you how to remove the rear seats from your rental. This will provide you with even more space for your holiday treasures. 


5) Safety First

Don’t spend another Christmas worrying whether or not your family car will start in cold weather. A well-maintained van rental will never let you down, providing you with safe, reliable transportation even on the chilliest of evenings.


This Christmas, opt for an extended van rental instead of a sleigh. Check out available van rentals online using the Car Rental Express comparison engine now. 


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