Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Shopping

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Shopping

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has it all. Live musical performances through its Music at Sea-Tac series. Art at Sea-Tac is a collection of the finest contemporary pieces that can be enjoyed throughout the airport. There's great eating through a variety of restaurants. They offer outstanding amenities like Internet access, interpreters for over 150 languages, interdenominational services and the cheapest SEA car rental rates available.

Yet, it doesn't stop there. Sea-Tac also has great shopping. If your flight has just arrived and before you pick up one of Sea-Tac's cheap car rentals you may need to get a gift or something for yourself. Take advantage of the many airport stores. Or, if you're on your way out and need to grab one last necessity or gift for someone waiting at the other end, this is the perfect chance.


Bose is, of course, a respected leader in the field of electronics. Headphones and headsets with noise cancellation and other great features are ready for demonstration by their certified staff. The award winning Wave Music Systems and Sound Docks, as well as computer speakers, all head of their class are ready to be shipped for free anywhere in the states. There aren't many that wouldn't be surprised and impressed with a product from Bose. (Concourse A and C)

The Body Shop

Promoting natural beauty, the Body Shop has a range of products for pampering and primping. Their signature Body Butters promises 24 hours of skin moisturizing. The shampoos and conditioners are eco-friendly. They have an array of products for men that enjoy a good bath. Men can also grab skin care, fragrance and hair products designed specifically for them. If there's time for your flight, one of the store's trained staff will give you a mini-makeover.

Seattle Duty Free.

While Seattle Duty Free is open to all passengers, it offers duty free shopping for international passengers. (Concourse C, Concourse D, North Satellite, South Satellite) Or, if time allows drive your "cheap car rental" to the US/Canadian border and try out one of the larger duty-free stores there.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has developed programs for learning a new language in a fun, easy and effective manner. Millions in over 100 countries have already taken advantage of their software. Before hitting that international flight, it might be a good idea to see how much you can pick up before touching down on the other side of the world. Rosetta Stone makes learning new languages feel natural and second nature. (Concourse C, North Satellite)

Try to check in your cheap Seattle SEA car rental early so you can take advantage of shopping at Sea-Tac's great stores.