San Diego International
Airport (SAN) Amenities
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San Diego International Airport (SAN) Amenities

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) is full of aviation history firsts that tourists can learn about as they explore Terminal Two. Many of the works of art display the airport's history. The airport offers an Explorer Club for children who are interested in aviation. They can go to the airport's website and join the club while playing games and learning about moments in aviation.

Terminal 2 also offers art exhibits created to inspire travelers through not only paintings and sculptures, but through live performance art as well. The works displayed are rotated regularly so that each visit will be a different experience. There is a picture of Charles Lindbergh's airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis, with an account of his non-stop flight. There are exhibits showing off such events as the world's highest altitude record, the fastest flight recorded, and a display of the first aviation radio.

The airport offers more than art and history to its travelers as they strive to make tourists comfortable as they wait for flights. The airport features Airport Ambassadors who assist passengers in case they need help. They can be identified by the bright green polo shirts they wear with "information" written on the back and can inform the passenger about directions, restaurant and shopping choices, cheap SAN car rental options, and more. The Ambassadors also assist passengers who have mobility problems if they are informed before arrival.

There are nine ATMs located throughout the three terminals to serve passengers banking needs. One is located in the Commuter terminal; there are four each in Terminals One and Two. However, there is a fee for those who do not use the bank associated with the ATM. For a four dollar fee, the airport has baggage carts located outside the gates in terminals 1 and 2. These carts are free for international passengers once they have passed through customs. You can use one of these carts to help get your luggage to your cheap SAN car rental location. The airport also supplies two bicycle lockers to encourage the use of non-polluting transportation. There is a twenty-five dollar refundable deposit for the lockers, which must be reserved prior to arrival.

There are currency exchange kiosks in the two terminals that will provide traveler check, phone card, and currency exchange services for arriving passengers. The airport has many restroom facilities that are accessible to all passengers. They have medical equipment available to rent. This includes oxygen and wheelchairs. There are also information packets available near the entrances to Terminals 1 and 2. These contain information about the airport and places to visit in San Diego as well as transportation information, including cheap SAN car rental services and public transportation choices. There are also four shoe shine stands in the airport; two are located in Terminal 1 and two are in Terminal 2.