San Diego Airport
(SAN) Transportation & Parking
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San Diego Airport (SAN) Transportation & Parking

San Diego airport offers sufficient parking for each of its terminals. It also features a ninety-two parking space cell phone lot to ease traffic congestion as family or friends come to pick up loved ones. This area allows drivers to park until the party they are waiting for contacts them. They can then proceed to the proper terminal for pick up. Valet parking is also available outside terminals 1 and 2. Long-term parking areas are available to those who may need it.
Terminal 1 has a sky walk that connects the terminal to the multilevel parking garages adjacent to the terminal. There are city buses that service all three terminals and the routes usually run at half hour intervals. You can find their listed times in the information packets near the airport's entrances. An Ambassador can also be located for assistance. There is a free loop bus that transports passengers to nearby destinations, and there is an exit in all three terminals that takes travelers to the taxi parking areas. An Ambassador will direct passengers to the correct exits and escort them to the next available taxi. For passengers who have made arrangements with their hotel, there are regular shuttle services which can be used throughout the day. The hotel will provide directions throughout the airport that display where to find the shuttles that will pick them up and drop them off.

Elevators are available for quick transportation from level to level. All three terminals offer curbside bus stops, an airport loop bus, and taxi services. Car rental reservation boards offer the convenience of directing travelers who have made arrangements for a cheap SAN rental car before arrival. Inside the terminals, information kiosks are manned with airport professionals who are happy to provide directions for confused or lost passengers.

The San Diego International Airport does not offer rental car services inside any of its terminals so if a rental is needed, planning in advance is essential. Reserving a rental car on the Internet is a fast and easy way to guarantee a car will be waiting once the airplane has landed. allows renters to compare the prices of several cheap SAN car rental companies and make the reservation on the same site. Always print out the rental confirmation to use as a reference upon arrival. The rental agencies are assigned places outside the terminals to wait for passengers and the car rental boards in the terminal guide passengers to the correct locations.

The agencies which offer cheap SAN car rentals are located close to the airport, and there are a number of them to choose from. A+ Car Rentals is located a little over a mile from the airport. Their rates are low and usually come with great mileage allowances. They have shuttle service to and from the airport at an extra charge. The shuttles run during business hours only, offering service from 9:30 am until 7:00 pm. Also near the airport is Pacific Rent-A-Car. Their prices include unlimited miles. They are just a little over a mile from the airport and offer pick up and drop off services.

Payless Car Rentals is less than a mile from the airport. They have competitive rates with unlimited miles. They have shuttle service to the airport for pick up and drop off as well. For luxury vehicles there is Exclusive Car Rental, which is located a half mile from the terminal. They have high end cars like BMW and Mercedes available for to anyone desiring a touch of class in their rental car. There is a cheap SAN car rental company to meet the needs of any traveler, extravagant or frugal. It is advisable to make the reservation for the car in advance and print out the confirmation form. Booking ahead saves a lot of time and money, and it takes one more task off the to-do list. Travelers can compare prices to save a significant sum of money while still receiving quality service.