Miami International Airport
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Miami International Airport Restaurants

Miami Florida has one of the largest airports in the world and has the country’s largest passageway to the Caribbean and Latin America. Surrounded by some of the most exciting cities in the world, MIA needs to keep up. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they put their best foot forward with their services. While waiting for a flight, immerse yourself in all types of fine cuisine.

Terminal D

Ku-Va, after checkpoint, Gate D19, North Terminal
Ku-Va is a contemporary Cuban restaurant. Have a tamal or roast pork mojito while waiting.. Every meal is made fresh and to personal tastes. Yet, they’re sensitive to flight times so waits are only minutes long.

Manchu Wok, after checkpoint, Gate D44, North Terminal
Quality Chinese food in a fast food environment. Honey chicken, spicy beef, noodles, soups and the freshest vegetables.

The Counter, after checkpoint, Gate D33, North Terminal
Stylish and sleek, The Counter aims to serve classic burgers in a modern, 21st Century environment. Enjoy music, wines, cocktails and many, many burger options.

Terminal E, F, G

California Pizza Kitchen, before checkpoint, 2nd Level, Central Terminal
Fresh on a delicate, inviting crust, Pizza Kitchen’s pies are baked to hearth perfection. They also offer salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts.

World Wide Café, after checkpoint, Gate E10, Central Terminal
The best sandwiches and hot dogs. If you’re catching an early flight, this is definitely where you stop for breakfast and coffee.

Lobby Bar, before checkpoint, Hotel Lobby, Central Terminal
They have the freshest sushi and a great bar in a relaxing atmosphere. The Lobby Bar is excellent for winding down before or after a flight.

Top of the Port, before checkpoint, Hotel, 7th Floor, Central Terminal
Top of the Port Restaurant has a panoramic view of the Miami skyline. Enjoy fresh seafood and fine Continental cuisine before hitting the runway.

Terminal H, J

Budweiser Brew House, after checkpoint, Gate H12, South Terminal
Appetizers, entrées, breakfast, a fast salad on-the-go. But you really want to stop in here for what’s referred to as the Great American Lager.

La Pausa Restaurant, after checkpoint, H-J Connector, South Terminal
If you’re in a hurry, grab an appetizer and a quick drink. If you can, make time for a fine, well-prepared lunch or dinner.

Corona Express, after checkpoint, Gate J4, South Terminal
Get ready to experience true Latin flavor. They have savory sandwiches and superb empanadas. And, of course, some of the best cold beers you’ll ever find.