Los Angeles International
Airport Shopping
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Los Angeles International Airport Shopping

Planning a trip can be a lot of work and some of the smaller details can get lost in the shuffle; while determining the "cheapest Los Angeles Airport rental car" choice or searching for a hotel with a gym and a spa, it is easy to forget to bring a gift for Aunt Meg or Grandpa Will. Moreover, the confusion and excitement of the airport itself can erase thoughts of all else. Therefore, in the hustle and bustle of checking luggage, reserving "cheap Los Angeles Airport rental cars", confirming hotels, and deciding where to dine, a vast assortment of shops and boutiques can be a breath of fresh air. And that is exactly what travelers will discover at the LAX marketplace.

There are duty free shops at terminals 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and TBIT; Hudson News is available at every terminal to offer magazines, books, puzzle books, and of course, newspapers; and there are numerous other stores that provide everything from apparel and accessories to gourmet food, children's items and one of a kind gifts. So, whether it is a question of an important item that neglected to be packed, a daily newspaper or best seller, the perfect souvenir to commemorate the trip or a special gift for a friend or relative, travelers are likely to find exactly what they are looking for at LAX's marketplace.

This veritable mini mall will easily occupy the time of a long layover, while offering the much-needed comforts that make getting to a destination bearable. Not to mention, fulfilling those unforeseen necessities that somehow escaped the planning stage. So while a traveler is waiting for her flight, she can pick up the last minute items needed for her trip or splurge a little on friends, relatives, or even herself with the money she saved by comparing prices on "cheap Los Angeles Airport rental cars" and hotels.