Los Angeles Airport
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Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Travelling is not all about getting good deals on luxury hotels or finding "cheap Los Angeles Airport car rentals" at various car rental companies. Most people, whether traveling for business or pleasure, do so on airplanes and one of the most notable airports in the U.S. is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). However, this landmark airport was not always the transportation Mecca it is today.

Situated on a 3,425 acre plot, approximately 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles, in the Westchester neighborhood of southwestern Los Angeles, is the primary airport of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Although LAX did not officially open as a commercial airport until 1946, its history with aviation can be traced to the late 1920s. Until it first drew the interest of pioneer aviators, long before the introduction of "cheap Los Angeles Airport rental cars" or baggage fees, the land that is now LAX was utilized as a venue for growing wheat, barley, and Lima beans for numerous landowners. However, once these early aviators began using the land as their airstrip, it was only a matter of time before the community realized its value and began planning a public airport.

Today, LAX has become as synonymous with flying as the search for a "cheap Los Angeles Airport rental car", welcoming over 50 million passengers each year. It has also become a significant part of California's economy, responsible for over 59,000 jobs for Southern California residents. LAX has become an iconic landmark structure that features a full spectrum of temporary and permanent artwork and a characteristic Theme Building, which was a futuristic concept of Pereira & Luckman architect, Paul Williams. This nine terminal airport, ranked the sixth busiest airport in the world, has come a long way from its humble beginnings all those years ago.