Lester B. Pearson
International Airport
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Lester B. Pearson International Airport

The Lester B. Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport in Canada. Also known as Toronto Pearson International Airport or simply Pearson Airport, this hub handles over 400,000 flights a year with over 30 million passengers. Located 22.5 kilometers outside of northwest Toronto, Pearson Airport has been honored as Best Global Airport by the Institute of Transport Management, a U.K. organization.


Pearson Airport has been serving the public diligently since 1937. In 1935, Ottawa released a report of its intent to develop an airport in Toronto. Two years later, purchasing almost 1,500 acres of farmland from a group of owners, the project was able to begin for what was then called The Malton Airport.

The following April, the first landing at Malton Airport took place. The doors to the new airport officially opened that September. A second terminal was added in 1938. They built an air traffic control centre in 1942.

In 1960, the airport was renamed Toronto International Airport. It was given the still standing title of Lester B. Pearson International Airport in 1984. Pearson was Canada’s fourteenth prime minister and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Today, Pearson Airport accommodates its customers with award winning dining, exciting events and shopping and the "cheapest Pearson Airport car rentals".


Pearson Airport strives to be far more than a transportation hub. It wants to be a member of its neighboring communities. It's been recognized as a leader in sustainability. They are a strong supporter and participant in the Airports Going Green Conferences. They understand the challenge to protect the environment for generations to come and set themselves as an example. With an eye on the future, Pearson Airport is using its expertise, as well as professionals, environmentalists and contractors, to create responsible, green solutions.