Lester B. Pearson
Airport Restaurants
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Lester B. Pearson Airport Restaurants

Waiting for a flight can feel interminable. Is there a better stress reliever than a good meal? As a matter of fact, plan the trip around the meal. Getting to the airport early is highly encouraged. Take advantage of that and get there early enough to drop off that "cheap Pearson Airport car rental", sit down and have a great dining experience. Lester B. Pearson Airport has brought some of the best eateries to its location for this purpose.

Terminal 1

DavidsTEA, near gate D37

Buy it iced, hot, on-the-go or by the package. DavidsTEA has more than 150 varieties of tea, including a series of brand new, never before seen tastes. With its comfy atmosphere, the air is filled with the delightful aroma of teas.

Thai Express, near gate D43/44

Thai Express promises healthy, flavourful dining. With an inviting menu of quality and authentic cuisine, it’s a must-go for any aficionado of exquisite Thai dining.

Mill Street Brewery, near Gate D20

Mill Street Brewery is a popular Toronto brewer and winner of numerous national and international awards. They also have a nice variety of pub style food. Grab a Beer Drenched Cedar Plank Salmon or a Port Steak Cobb Salad any time of the day.

Mozaik’s Café, near Parking and Link Train before Security

Mozaik’s is an excellent option for a light lunch or on-the-go meals. They offer a variety of fresh bagels alongside a series of garnishes. They also carry fresh wrapped sandwiches and excellent pastries.

Terminal 3

Pizza Pizza, near Departures/Check-in before Security

Pizza Pizza offers a nice range of pies. They can be made to order and grabbed on-the-run.

Upper Crust, near Departures/Check-in before Security

If you’re hurrying to catch your flight but hunger won’t go away, Upper Crust is perfect. Grab an authentic, freshly baked baguette sandwich. They’re generously filled and served immediately.

Yogen Fruz, near Departures/Check-in before Security

Yogen Fruz has the best nutritious frozen desserts. Get it topped with fresh fruit. Or grab a lactose-free smoothie. Yogen Fruz has many delicious and healthy snack alternatives.

Swiss Chalet, near Departures/Check-in before Security

This is a favourite Canadian eatery that specializes in chicken. It’s excellent for casual family dining and grabbing a beer. The ribs are grilled to order and marinated in-house. Their chicken is prepared fresh daily and the Chalet dipping source is simmered on premises.

These are just a few of the excellent culinary experiences waiting at Pearson Airport. After dropping off your "cheap Pearson Airport car rental", grab a great meal!