Lester B. Pearson
Airport Amenities
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Lester B. Pearson Airport Amenities

Sitting around and waiting for your flight is only one option at Lester B. Pearson Airport. There’s plenty to keep you busy!

There's great shopping at stores like Relay and iStore. Free Wi-Fi allows the use of personal devices, making it easy to maintain business and personal contacts, reading a book or streaming video. There’s innovative dining as Pearson offers the best culinary talents.Pearson Airport also offers exciting events like the History of Canadian Football. It’s an exhibition celebrating a century of the Grey Cup.

There are evolving and permanent displays. You could find out beforehand what events Pearson Airport is hosting and schedule your arrival to enjoy it before your flight.There are also spa services for the opportunity to relax before a take-off. Get your trip off to a great start with some of the most "cheap Pearson Airport car rental" rates at Car Rental Express. From curbside pick-up to long and short term parking, Pearson Airport is ready to provide the options that best suit your travel needs.Summary: Pearson Airport has everything needed to make your travel experience the smoothest.

Conveniently located outside of downtown Toronto, there ’s valet parking, shuttle buses and trains, taxi cabs and limousines. There’s outstanding dining, duty free boutiques and shops and some of the best "cheap Pearson Airport car rentals" available. Pearson Airport is a fully accessible facility for the disabled.