Fort Lauderdale International
Airport Restaurants
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Fort Lauderdale International Airport Restaurants

Some eateries are located outside checkpoints at Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL). Most are located inside. If you're looking to spend more time with friends and family before departure, drop off your cheap FLL rental car and plan accordingly.

Rental Car Center, Level 2

Seattle's Best Café and Cuban Corner are located inside the Rental Car Center. Seattle's Best has a variety of beverages and coffees, pastries, salads and sandwiches. Cuban Corner has delightful Caribbean and Cuban food. Their specialty is pressed Cuban sandwiches.

Terminal 1

Pre-Security - Baggage Claim Level

Chef Allen's 2 Go is a South Florida touch of sandwiches and salads. If you have time, the Corona Sand Bar is great for beer and some wings. Chili's to Go is just that. Soups, wraps, chips, salsa and cheese, sandwiches, ready quick so that you can get to your flight without haste.

Post-Security - Concourse B

Casa de Fresco has South Florida cuisine. Pasha's has all natural desserts and fresh squeezed juices with a Mediterranean flavor. Pizza Uno offers great breakfast sandwiches, salads, hot entries and Uno's famous pizza.

Post-Security - Concourse C

Spinaci's Fine Food is pasta cooked to taste, fresh Panini sandwiches, traditional and individual style pizzas and gourmet salads. There's a Chili's Too with burgers, fajitas, salads and tasty delicacies. They also have a margarita bar.

Terminal 2

Pre-Security - Upper Departure Level

Tropical Treats offers confections and candies. Cruzan Estate Bar & Lounge has fine wines and liquors, including their famous Cruzan frozen drinks and cocktails.

Post-Security - Concourse D

If you enjoy sushi, Sushi Maki is a must stop with its assortment of rolls and Japanese favorites. Miami Subs Plus has breakfast, cheese steaks, Nathan's hot dogs and desserts. La Cucina Pizza has grilled Paninis, personal pizzas and wine.

Terminal 3

Pre-Security - Upper Departure Level

Besides Chili's, Dunkin' Donuts, Sushi Maki and Tropical Treats, there's also Red Mango Yogurt and Smoothies. Iced teas, made to order parfaits and natural, non-fat fresh fruit smoothies.

Post-Security — Concourse E

There's a Key West Bar & Deli with everything from Sloppy Joes to hot soup. Villa Fresh and Food Wall have great food. The former leans toward Italian while the latter is more of a South Florida cuisine.

Post-Security — Concourse F

The Espresso Bar has fresh bakery products, salads and sandwiches. Blue Bar has top quality liquors and wines for a little relaxation before boarding.

Terminal 4

Pre-Security - Upper Departure Level

Crema Connect has Caribbean and Latin delicacies. Burger Bar is an assortment of burgers, fries, shakes and more. Edy's specialty is ice cream in all its forms.

Post-Security - Concourse H

Besides Chef Allen's 2 Go and Dunkin' Donuts, there's the opportunity to partake of Nathan's hot dogs, burgers and fries. The Boat House has an inventory of top shelf wines and liquors.