Denver International Airport
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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport (DEN) replaced the old Denver Stapleton Airport on February 28, 1995. Unlike its predecessor, DEN is not in the city limits so it's best if you take a cheap DEN rental car to get to Denver.

The airport planners designated a huge area of land away from Denver as the site for the new airport. It is located twenty-three miles northeast of downtown Denver and stands out as a favorite stop for travelers worldwide. Those travellers who want to see the Denver area can get a cheap Denver Airport car rental from one of the independent car rental agencies located there. DEN is the first new airport to be built in the United States in twenty-five years and can accommodate fifty million passengers a year. The airport sits on fifty-three square miles of land and stands as a monument to modern architecture.

DEN was the first airport building to incorporate art into its architecture. This is because the airport planners wanted to steer away from the warehouse style of airports that seemed to predominate other airports of the time. The roof reaches to the sky in peaks and was designed by Curtis Frentess. The building costs were skyrocketing so Frentess put the budget back on by using a Teflon-coated fiberglass with the thickness of a credit card for the roof. The white peaks of the roof are not just for aesthetics, though; they keep the heaviest snows from building up in the harsh winters. By itself the roof mimics nature by looking like manmade copies of the snowy peaks that surround Denver in the winter.

The Denver International Airport was built with a significant focus on being environmentally friendly. It has the largest solar panel farm of any airport in the world.

The inside of the main terminal is a massive 1.5 million square feet. Throughout the Denver International Airport interior, travelers are amazed and, at times, baffled by the artwork displayed. DEN is an art gallery for local and international artists. The works of art are rotated several times a year so guests never know what they may see on their next trip through the airport and on their way to pick up their cheapest Denver Airport car rental.

The airport also boasts the only raised walkway that stretches over an airplane taxi way. Pedestrians can watch airplanes roll underneath them as they move from one terminal to another. The huge airport has four terminals laid out starting with the Frentess Terminal then terminals A, B, and C are accessible by walkways and underground trains as they lay horizontal to the main terminal. Frentess terminal has six levels while the others have three.

There is plenty of room to get lost so at DEN finding help means looking for the good guys in the white hats. A team of customer service agents are always on the lookout for lost or confused travelers. They wear white cowboy hats so it is easy to find them if needed and they are always happy to help.

DEN is the stopping point for more than fifty different airlines that cross the United States daily. DEN houses art, restaurants, bars, breweries, and shopping but it never forgets it is an airport that is the gateway to the city of Denver, Colorado. Among the art and shops are the usual boarding gates, baggage carts, and car rental agencies advertising cheap rental cars for the trip to the city.