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Car Rentals in Kingston

Kingston is the largest city in Jamaica. Located on the southeastern corner of the island, Kingston is home to 651,880 residents. There are two parts making up Kingston. The downtown area and New Kingston. The downtown area features many historical buildings while New Kingston is where the airport, the Norman Manley International Airport, sits. Climate in Kingston is of a tropical makeup. A wet-season occurs from May to November. The area can receive as much as 181 inches of rain during these months. Summer months in Kingston are hot and humid, with the average temperature being 95 degrees. Winter is also warm in Kingston, and the temperatures most often stay in the upper 80's.

Historical Places In Kingston

Not only is the Bob Marley Museum a historical site, it is also a fun and exciting place to visit. A failed assassination attempt on Marley occurred here in 1976. Inside of the museum Marley fans are treated to an array of memorabilia, including Marley's guitar, records, photographs, and more.

Bob Marley Museum
56 Hope Road
Kingston 6

Devon House

This 19th century mansion is home to the island's first black millionaire, George Stiebel. Located in the heart of the island, just over 11-acres of beautiful land outside are attractively decorated, leading to the spectacular house that is filled with artifacts of Stiebel.

Devon House
Hope Road

Things To Do In Kingston

National Gallery is a spectacular gallery housing an enormous collection of sculptures and paintings from the 1920's to present.

National Gallery
12 Ocean Blvd.

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Take a tour of the Mavis Bank Coffee factory to see how the famous Blue Mountain coffee is made. Guests will be treated to an in-depth tour of the factory, as well as taste tests of the delicious coffee.

Bank of Jamaica Money Museum

The Money Museum is Kingston's tallest building, and houses amazing exhibits of Jamaican currency, including paper and coins. The money dates back for centuries. One of the most spectacular pieces inside of the museum is 700 year old Chinese paper notes. Admission to the Money Museum is free of charge, and well worth a visit.

Bank of Jamaica Money Museum
Nethersole Place