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3 U.S. Drives for Your Fall Bucket List

Road trip lovers know that early fall was essentially made for packing the car and hitting the highway.

3 U.S. Drives for Your Summertime Bucket List

Road trip lovers know that summer was essentially made for packing the car and hitting the highway.

5 Apps to Download Before Your Next Road Trip

Every summer, millions of people book cheap car rentals and hit the highway for some sightseeing.

Staying Organized: Your Pre-Car Rental Checklist

Excited about a car rental deal? There are a lot of things to get in order before embarking on your trip.

6 Strange Driving Laws from Around the World

When you’re in an unfamiliar area, it can be tricky enough to drive on the opposite side of the street and convert kilometers to MPH. Factor in odd laws and it’s enough to make any person want to stay home.

How to Pack Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

Whether you’re driving to the next state or across the country, using your own car or having scored a great car rental deal, there are three

The Importance of Green Travel

Ecotourism has a lot of names: green travel, responsible travel, ethical travel, nature travel.

How to Handle a Rental Car Accident

The last thing you’d expect to happen during a road trip or vacation is to get into an accident. A lot of what you’ll do during a rental accident is the same that you’d do during an accident with your regular car.

4 Great Spring Time Road Trips

Is there any season more ideal for a road trip than spring? Temperatures rise and vibrant flowers bloom, making the landscape especially gorgeous. Whether you love the mountains or prefer the desert, there are cheap car rentals and a U.S. road trip meant just for you.

What You Should Know About Pre-Paid Auto Rentals

For most of the travel industry, pre-paid reservations are the norm - you can’t book a hotel room or a plane ticket without paying at least part of the price upfront.