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Rent a Cheap Car and Travel Around New York for Great Post Boxing Day Sales

The 25th of December has come and gone and as we are in the first few days of the new year, what better thing to do than shop!?!  While Boxing Day may have passed, perhaps one of THE most popular shopping days of the year, there are still deals out there to be had.  For those of you who are curious,

3 Reasons to Rent an Exotic Vehicle

There's a lot to be said about the pure pleasure of renting an exotic vehicle.  If you are used to 'regular', 'common' cars, there is no doubt that finding a cheap car rental for a Mercedes like the one showed in this video would be fun.  A total party on wheels!

How to Drive in Rain Storms

I live in a part of the world where the weather is generally hot, dry and much of the time, dusty.  Summers can reach 40 degrees celcius or more.  Driving is no problem as the streets are dry - and is often quite relaxing because you can sit in your air conditioned rental car to escape the heat.

A Nice Tour of Jaffa, Israel

Today was an awesome day and I feel very inspired to share it with you.

Tel Aviv is an amazing city but perhaps my favourite part of going there is to travel slightly south and visit Old Jaffa.  For those of you who have never been there, imagine stone buildings, a large port with fishermen hard at work, outdoor cafes and restaurants all abuzz with patrons and a million dollar view of the Mediterranean.  Sound nice?  It is.  

An Adventure in Thailand

So it's finally happening!  I am taking the plunge and heading to Thailand in January and can't wait.  I've never been before which makes it all the more exciting.  The plan is to spend 3 or so nights in Bangkok and then to hit the Island of Krabi for a week.  Sound luxurious?  I sure as heck hope so!

How to Avoid Rental Car Rip-Offs

Unfortunately, there’s not a segment of the travel industry that’s free of rip-offs, and the rental car industry is no exception. Here’s what to be aware of and how to avoid common rental car scams.

How to Choose the Car Rental Add-Ons You Really Need

You never want to embark on a road trip without all necessary safety precautions in place, but you also don’t want to double your rental car bill for the sake of unnecessary add-ons.

How to Plan Your Road Trip Around Offbeat Attractions

It’s easy to spot roadside attractions when cruising down the highway, but if you’re truly up for unique experiences, there’s plenty to discover off the beaten path.

How to Stay Alert on a Long Drive

When you’re in for a long car drive, coffee alone won’t keep you safe when you start nodding off. Here’s how to stay wide-eyed even when the road before you seems endless.