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Staff acted as if they were bothered to help us. Car smelled funny. Won’t be back.

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Upon making my reservation, I was quoted $30.56 with every tax included. I arrived at the rental place, new price $50.47 stating that I must get “their” liability or full coverage insurance. I already have insurance that covers rental car, never an issue with other rental companies, but they stated it was company policy. I read their company policies and no where does it state it is required. It’s descrided as an option, same as adding GPS or car seat. Liability is $12.99, still does not a

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car was not full of gas, drove 62 miles gas was below 1/2 tank. have pic. . questions 586.212.0337

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Good service. Very fast and thorough.

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The guys at Pacific were great!! I would rent from them again. Super nice.

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Pleasant, helpful desk clerk and driver! Made the experience wonderful! My heartfelt thanks to them for going the extra mile to make this rental experience exceptional.

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Excellent value.

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Although I was in San Diego only for a week, with a French passport, Pacific Rent a Car decided that i was a local resident and as such, was limited to 100 miles a day. Although the limit for local resident was well stated when I booked, I could not figure that their definition was "directly coming from the airport" as it was not defined anywhere. Defining me as a local is a non sense and would have i known this would have i never booked at them. This is unacceptable. Fully disappointed

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My inbound connection from LAX was at first delayed, which I called ahead and it seemed they were going to be able accomodate the delay. After weather precluded landing in San Diego and my flight was returned to LAX, there was no one in their office to answer the phone and when I finally got into San Diego, I had to rent a car from another company for nearly twice as much. The cherry on top was when I noticed the $100 charge on my bank account for a rental car I never used.

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