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During both pick up and return, the staff was not very friendly and I felt they were not fully disclosing details to me. After being rushed to sign the contract, I read it more carefully and noticed a section about limited mileage and extra charges that had not been disclosed to me. They also asked for more insurance detail than I've ever given a rental agency. I ended up paying double my quote due to fees/taxes that didn't match my quote and an additional driver fee (illegal in CA).

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Everything went downhill once we got to the agency. They did not honor the rate quote online, added random taxes and fees, and would not accept my insurance, therefore requiring me to add their liability insurance (and therefore adding more money to the final price). We finally got so fed up that we just accepted the charges and left. The car made weird noises, brakes were squeaky and the bumper at one point came loose - there was duct tape holding it together. Will never rent here again.

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The car was below quality but the people were all kind and wonderful!

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The car given to me was not maintained at all. About a mile out of the premises, I noticed the wheel steered toward the right side; alignment was off. It was quite scary to drive. Not quite what I wanted out of a rental car. For the value of the money to the rental car, was definitely not a match, quite unsatisfactory.

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Our rental car broke down on us and the agent was rude and did nothing to make it up to us. It put us an hour behind schedule on our vacation. Totally inconvenient! Will never rent with them again.

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Lola and Carlos were great. They very helpful and kind.

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Car had either brake problems or something running on the front right side. Tires were almost bald, got charged a full extra day. Way too expensive for the value compared to all other rental car companies I've ever used. I will never rent from your company again and don't have anything good to say about your cars!!

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Overall good experience. Online quote was around $83 total, final total after “fees” was $140- unhappy with this and source of fees we’re not made clear.

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The price was right, the staff was good, but the car was dirty on the inside and the location wasn’t suitable for going there with kids at night. Again though, good value, car’s exterior was good, worked as expected, quick and positive interactions with the employees. Overall it was a good experience, but we expected the interior of the car to be cleaner (stains on seats/belts appeared to be old though and not recent). It took a little extra time to get to location as well. Good overall thou

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