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It was fine!

Report abuse Sun Dec 30, 2018 - Renter Review

Dinesh gave us great service and was available by phone to answer all of my questions. We loved the small economical car we had.

Report abuse Sun Oct 7, 2018 - Renter Review

Excellent service, excellent experience, best car rental experience ever.

Report abuse Sat Sep 1, 2018 - brandoneous

Stellar service! The car was perfect. I'd rent from Firearch/DFW again in an instant.

Report abuse Sat Aug 25, 2018 - Steve

Excellent service! The vehicle was in superior condition. I'd rent from this service again in a heartbeat. -Steve

Report abuse Wed Aug 1, 2018 - Steve

Phenomenal company - wish there was a Firearch in every major city. I've used them about 5 times now and have been completely satisfied with every experience. Excellent customer services, no additional hidden fees/upcharges, efficient check in/out process. Best customer service experience I've had with a rental car company.

Report abuse Fri Jun 22, 2018 - Sam A

Our rate for a 4-day rental ended up being nearly $100 cheaper than the lowest rate from a major agency at DFW. Needless to say I would use Firearch again.

Report abuse Tue Jun 19, 2018 - mBootcamp

Great experience!! I highly recommend renting from Firearch. Great price and service.

Report abuse Thu Jun 14, 2018 - Renter Review

Exceptional customer service!!! Appreciate that Firearch is offering service to drivers under 25. My daughter was less than a month shy of being 25, and needed a car while in Dallas. Firearch provided the much needed service at a reasonable price, with exceptional customer service!

Report abuse Mon May 21, 2018 - Renter Review

High satisfied with the service here they are great! My flight was supper to arrive at 10pm and we didnt land til 4am due to weather delays and the owner stayed and waited til me and my sister landed and picked us up. I would high recommend them and will always use them when traveling to Dallas!

Report abuse Mon May 14, 2018 - Renter Review