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Pickup / Dropoff Services

DM PRIME provides pickup / dropoff services. We have a pick up option at our office and at the airport. Office address: 1800 Constantine St, Orlando FL, 32825 DM Prime Airport pick up and drop off at North Park Place Economy Lot with lockbox and instructions by phone, sms and email.

Airport Service

DM PRIME provides airport pickup and dropoff services. All instructions will be provided over the phone, email and SMS, that includes the step-by-step of car and code to open lockbox Pick up North Park Place Economy Lot Conditions Free shuttle to/from Terminal A Shuttles drop-off at Terminal A, Level 3 (Departures) Shuttles pick-up at Terminal A, Level 1 (Ground Transportation), at space A16 Shuttles operate to and from Terminal A, 24/7 Please allow time to transfer between North Park Place and Terminal A Accessible shuttle service is available to/from the terminal No reservations required Fenced uncovered parking lot Patrolled by the Orlando Police Department – Airport Division I will be available in the chat for any questions that may arise.

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Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 21MINIMUM AGE - For most retail rentals at participating corporate locations and licensed locations, the minimum age is 21 years old without an additional Age Differential Fee. Luxury vehicles will be allowed to be rented over 25 years old.

Cash Deposit Rentals

DM PRIME accepts cash deposit rentals.Basic cars: $250 credit card / $500 debit card Luxury cars: $500 credit card / $500 debit card

Locations and Local Area

DM PRIME has the following locations:

  • MCO airport(Orlando, FL)
  • Office(Orlando, FL)

Corporate Address

1800 Constantine St
Orlando, FL 32825United States

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