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Tutto Perfetto!

Report abuse Mon Nov 21, 2011 - Renter Review

Molto cortesi! puntuali, impeccabili!

Report abuse Mon Nov 21, 2011 - Renter Review


Report abuse Mon Nov 21, 2011 - Renter Review

Everything is very good. I just want to say that the 100$ additional fee for any police fee is too much.

Report abuse Sun Jul 31, 2011 - Renter Review

Great Experience, if we needed a Van again we would come back!

Report abuse Sun Apr 10, 2011 - Renter Review

We rented a 15 Seater Passenger Van and was very pleased with what we received as their was 12 of us we were able to be together. The staff was very helpful especially Natalie who I dealt with via email and personally. Will definitely rent from this Company again.

Report abuse Thu Jan 6, 2011 - Renter Review

Less convenient for EWR but they provided the service as promised and were substantially less expensive over Christmas.

Report abuse Thu Dec 30, 2010 - Renter Review

The rental agency was competent and the rates offered were very competitive and money worth. Certainly my choice for the next visit. Thanks

Report abuse Wed Dec 22, 2010 - Renter Review

Vehicle was older than expected, had cigarette burns on the seats, and smelled of smoke. Also had an indicator light that interfered with reading the mileage accumulated.

Report abuse Tue Aug 31, 2010 - Renter Review