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Incredible services and support. They patiently waited until after midnight after my flight was hit with a 5+ hour delay. the staff was friendly and assured us that they would be there to pick us up. Incredible service and can't wait to use them in the future.

Report abuse Fri Jan 3, 2020 - Renter Review

Great car, but had no washer fluid. The travel to and from the airport is an issue for those on a time schedule. You have to build in at least 1 hour extra to get that done. If you had pickup and drop off service at the airport that would be great.

Report abuse Sun Dec 1, 2019 - Renter Review

Always good friendly service

Report abuse Tue Jul 16, 2019 - Renter Review

Very courteous staff, the minivan was great, and we really appreciated the prompt runs to and from the airport for our party of six. Thank you!

Report abuse Mon Aug 13, 2018 - Bernard

Please add ezpass for customers

Report abuse Tue Jul 10, 2018 - Saju

I looked all over for a cheap rental since I have been extremely strapped for cash and working full-time. When my car broke down I was recommended to AutoTeam and the price was $100's off what I would've paid in other places and the cars we're brand new! I haven't just recommended them to others but have even made them my go to for weekly rentals while my car is in the shop and my army leave in a few weeks. Can't even describe how this company saved me and my life!

Report abuse Mon May 21, 2018 - Renter Review

The rental agency went above and beyond to assist us in resolving a lost-key situation on Easter Sunday which allowed us to complete our travel plans . Great service!!

Report abuse Wed Apr 4, 2018 - Renter Review

Both staff members were amazing and very accommodating. Especially the man that drove ya to the airport on Monday April 2 in the middle of a snow storm. He accommodated our needs by being there early for us and we are very grateful. He deserves a raise.

Report abuse Tue Apr 3, 2018 - Renter Review

Always pleased with the staff and vehicle 😊

Report abuse Tue Jan 16, 2018 - Renter Review

Was about 30-45 minutes late for pickup, partly due to traffic congestion. It seemed farther than 15 miles from EWR but I could be wrong. The quote was not initially honored but they did go back and correct it. The staff was friendly and helpful for the most part, but a heated dispute did occur over the pricing issues. Overall, it was a good value and the majority of the staff were nice and professional. Despite the inconveniences we experienced, we’d possibly rent from them again.

Report abuse Mon Jan 1, 2018 - ForkofTruth