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1hour wait for airport pick-up in a dirty smokey van... office in dis-repair... all car options were dirty, smokey... zero customer service....

Report abuse Sat Jul 24, 2010 - Renter Review

After 6 phone calls requesting for pick up, an unmarked broken down economy car arrived 45 minutes later. The driver did not take us to AIRPORT RENT A CAR, but, instead, took us to REX RENT A CAR. In the end, they sent us off on foot back to LAX.

Report abuse Fri Jul 23, 2010 - Renter Review

I've had no trouble. Employees not super friendly, but not rude either. The car was in good condition for driving, though already contained many scratches and some bumps. Handover was quick and without problems.

Report abuse Thu Jul 22, 2010 - Renter Review

Waited at the Airport long time. Had to whistle at the driver to stop and pick us up. We rented two cars. Both empty of gas. Never got a rental car empty. The Camry looked like it had been porely taken care of. Chrysler 300 was clean ,squeeling brake

Report abuse Thu Jul 15, 2010 - Renter Review